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Crew Management

SKOV Shipping employs high calibre recruiting
officers working out of a network of crewing
office located in shipping centres,
including Kaliningrad, Tallinn, Vladivostok, etc.
Crew members are personally selected
and prospective applicants carefully
screened to verify their experience,
competence, fitness and comprehension
of English prior to enlistment.

The designated Crew Superintendent selects
and engages the command and crew of each
vessel taking fully into account special clients
There is strict adherence to internal Quality Standards, full compliance
with IMO and STCW 95 requirements, and the manning stipulations
of the vessel and her registry.
A policy of selective rehire ensures that crewmembers return to their previous
vessels or to other vessels of the same client.

Continuous upgrade training and performance appraisal guarantee quality
manpower, proficiency and safety on board. Electronic access of clients
to our systems promotes transparency of operations and contributes
to a more efficient planning. Furthermore it serves
the needs of clients' I.S.M. requirements.

Following recruitment, Ship Superintendents and staff provide a worldwide
support network for crews, attending to their welfare, general administration
and day-to-day needs.

Crew Superintendents make regular visits on board and provide a valuable
interface between crews, officers, the management team and the client.
Such frequent contact enables crew performance to be continuously monitored
and evaluated, training needs readily identified and revised safety programmes
and procedures implemented. The positive effect on morale and operating
efficiency is evident.

SKOV Shipping crew management services are flexible and competitive and
cover the complete spectrum of human resources management for the ship